Can CBD help with muscle recovery?

You may have heard the many benefits of using CBD but what about muscle recovery? Did you know? CBD can also help you recover from workouts much faster due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Why are we sore after a workout?

No matter how fit you may be, it is completely normal to feel sore after an intense workout. Some can even leave you feeling sore for days and that is because exercising can cause damage to muscle fibres which in turn become inflamed triggering the body to respond to this stimuli with stiff and sore muscles.

What is CBD?

If you want to know all about CBD, what it is, how it works, whether it is legal and how it tastes, check out our blogpost here:

How can CBD help with muscle recovery?

CBD is anti-inflammatory, antiooxidative and neuroprotective. It has the potential to manage and prevent joint inflammation and can also assist with mobility and pain in patients with multiple sclerosis, according to a 2018 published in Frontiers in Neurology.

Don’t just take our word for it. MMA fighters Anthony and Segio Pettis swear by CBD and have also been quoted describing it as an “integral” part of training and their post-fight regimen which expedites their body’s natural healing process.

How should I use CBD for recovery?


CBD reacts differently in different bodies but our recommended dosing guide is a good starting point for you to begin your CBD journey. Read our blog here to find out more about beginners’ dosing.

Once you feel the desired effect, though, you won’t have to up the dose. This means if you use CBD oil for recovery, you can just fill the pipette to the same spot every time.

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